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The best Taptu replacement

We are excited to see feedly become the new home for so many Taptu users. If you are a Taptu user looking for a new home, you can download feedly for free on both iOS and Android.

Get feedly of iOS (free)

Get feedly for Android (free)

We are receiving as part of this transition a lot of great feedback and suggestions. We are going to review these in detail with the dev team over the next few weeks and make feedly the best reader possible for Taptu users.

In the meantime, here are a few tips for new Taptu users:

1/ Use the search box to find the specific blogs and sites you love to read regularly and add them to your feedly. Our mission is to help you connect with your favorite sites.

2/ Take advantage of collections to organize those blogs and sites into groups. Some users like to group feeds per topic, some per reading priority, some per project…

3/ When you add a feed to your feedly, you can change settings to create the best reading experience for you. Some users like title only, some users like visual cards, some like a balance. Feedly gives you the control to taylor the experience (both at the feed level and at the collection level). We particularly recommend the card view.

4/ Take advantage of the web/mobile continuity. We worked hard to make sure that your feedly is available on iOS, Android, the Web and 100+ third party apps. We invite you to try some of these experiences and enjoy a very seamless integration.

5/ Take advantage of our useful integrations (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, buffer, hootsuite, IFTTT, Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, Zapier, etc…) to streamline your workflows.

We are lucky to serve a vocal community and love candid feedback. If you are a Taptu user and have questions or suggestions on how to improve feedly going forward, please leave a comment or post a suggestion on feedly.uservoice.com

Welcome onboard: we look forward to connecting your to your favorite sites!


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Milestone: 50,000 feedly pro users. Thank you!

Screenshot 2015-02-25 08.52.06

This week, the feedly Pro community grew to 50,000 users.

Here are some of the short term projects which are going to benefit from this funding:

1. We are going to continue to invest in the feedly Cloud so that the service remains reliable and fast despite the growing number of users and the growing number of stories we deliver each day.

2. We are working on a new version of feedly for Android which reflects some of the Material Design changes Arthur highlighted in his design review (thanks for all the awesome feedback!).

3. We are working on a new iteration of the collection sharing feature. Our goal is to integrate the great feedback we collected during the beta and open that feature to more curators.

4. We are working on a set of features which are going to help content creators get discovered and retain readers more effectively. One of our goals for 2015 is to help bloggers thrive. This is a first step in that direction.

5. There is a lot of demand for continuing to improve search, allow users to save searches, allow users to define alerts, etc.. We are going to continue to invest heavily on search, discovery and alerts. We would also love to allow more users to benefit from search.

We pride ourselves in being funded by our community so a big thank you for backing us and making the feedly adventure possible.


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Feedly for Android: A material design exploration

feedly, material design

About half of the feedly users read their feedly on an android device. We love Android and want to make sure that curating and sharing content from your phone and tablet is a fluid and fast experience.

Arthur has been exploring how we could evolve the feedly user experience to better align with the Material Design specification. Before we start implementing these changes, we thought that it would be interesting to open up the design to the community and collect your feedback.

If you are a feedly+Android user and love design or have a strong opinion regarding how to improve the experience, please review the new feedly design spec and give Arthur feedback.

Review new feedly design

One more thing. We are looking for a designer with awesome visual and branding skills to help push the feedly product and brand forward. If you are interested in joining the team drop us an email at design@feedly.com with a link to your online portfolio (or pdf).

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We are excited to announce the new iteration of the feedly Power Search: it is Google-fast, indexes the entire history of all your feeds and lets you slice up results using filters and operators. For the first time, you can also search for stories, podcasts and videos beyond your feedly.

With Power Search, you can search across 40 million sites, magazines and blogs and find the best content related to your industry, a brand or a product. We index 50 million new article every day, organize them by topics and keywords and sort them by engagement on feedly and social networks. It is the fastest way to find relevant content and boost your marketing and research projects.

Here is an example:

Let’s refine things:

If you are an existing feedly user, you can go even further and apply these searches to your existing collections, your saved stories or your tags.

Our goal is to evolve Power Search into Google for Stories so that content creators, researchers and marketers can find the content that matters to them faster. The new Power Search is a step in that direction.

Happy Searching!


Want feedly to innovate faster? Join feedly Pro

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Open web pages in external browser

A lot of users have been asking us to open web pages in the external browser instead of inside feedly so we spent some time and implemented this feature as part of the 25.0.4 update we just pushed to the beta channel (note: there is a settings option called “open external browser” to disable this feature if you prefer to open web pages in feedly.

Open Browser Directly

New fonts and font sizes

As part of version 25.0.4, we also focused on improving readability of articles by offering users a new set of fonts and font sizes.

New Mobile Fonts

Different people like different fonts so we are offering a set of settings to let you fully control the reading experience.

Screenshot 2014-12-14 15.18.44

Happy eyes, happy reading. One of our goals for 2015 is to continuously improve the reading experience and make feedly the reference when it comes to reading web content so if you have suggestions on how to improve legibility or productivity please let us know.

25.0.4 is currently in beta. If everything goes well, it should be promoted to the main channel on Monday or Tuesday.

Update Dec 17th: The result from the beta is that this build dramatically reduces the number of crashes so we just promoted 25.0.4 to the main channel.

/Edwin, Seb and Michal

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How to Effectively Brand Your Small Business

How to Effectively Brand Your Small Business

Branding a small business is a must if you want to succeed in a competitive world. The importance of branding a business disregarding its size is based on not only real benefits, products and services that your business possesses, but also an image concept that all businesses should keep in mind.

From color business cards to global business identity, depending on how effectively you brand your business, the more or the less opportunities of success will knock at your door. The reason why large companies brand their businesses is because they know this is the best way to differentiate their products and services from their competitors while creating a corporate image.

Many small business owners believe it is not necessary to development a corporate image, particularly those whose business integrate just a few individuals as staff, or even when they own a one-man business, using the internet for selling or promoting their professional services. However, even a small business should utilize the same principles as the large enterprises to brand their business.

Furthermore, if your business has business cards, stationary and other branded elements along with a matching website, you will not only create a corporate image, but also loyal relationships with your customers and prospective customers, who will find more reliability with a small business with these characteristics, than others without a professional look and feel.

Because you only have the opportunity to impress new customers once, you should make sure that this impression is a positive and lasting introduction and handshake, only possible if you brand your business conveniently and professionally. There is no need to spend thousand of dollar to achieve it, but do not go to the other extreme using uneven elements.

Small businesses should be aware of the elements that will make their brand unique and recognizable, including consistency between online and printed elements, such as your logo, signage, business cards and even a slogan that helps people understand at a glance your business’s mission statement.

Effective branding must achieve these goals; be consistent and never differing, carrying the same logo, colors, slogans and statements through to every element of your business, all of them always visible and unique, hence the need to avoid elements that anyone can find anywhere such as free or cheap clipart.

Creating your brand, whatever your budget requires a business plan to have a solid appreciation on whom your customers will be and what can you do to serve them. This is not only a matter of elegant stationary or catchy business cards; it is the most important deployment of a small business for an eventual growth in future terms.

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Does My Small Business Really Need a Press Kit?

When the experts tell you you’re going to need a press kit for your small business I’ll bet you’re wondering why on earth you’d need one.  At least, I think you’d wonder why if you think a press kit is just for the press.  But the term ‘press kit’ is misleading if you ask me because press kits aren’t just what their name implies.

I prefer to call them small business information kits or information packages instead because that’s what they really are.  They are meant to inform everyone, not just the press about you and your business.

Once you have a small business information kit, you’ll find you’re often giving them when someone asks for information about your company–who you are, what you do, how you can benefit them.  In fact, you’ll probably find you’ll give out almost as many of your information kits as your business cards.

Sometimes it’s more appropriate to simply hand out just your card, but other times, you might like to give someone more information than what’s on your business card.

Say you’re at a party and someone asks what you do.  You’d probably just give them your business card.  But your business card gives this business contact only the briefest information about your company.

So, you might also ask for their name and address, and send them an information kit the next day.  Sending your information kit the next day also works as an important reminder of the evening’s discussion.

On the other hand, if you’re a plumbing company, you might want to contact construction companies in your area to see if they’re interested in subcontracting your company from time to time, or better yet all the time!

Sending them just a business card probably won’t get you very far.  Even sending a well-written letter introducing your company together with your business card probably wouldn’t be as effective as a complete information kit.

You could think of your business card as the “who and the where, and a little bit of the what” of the 6 interview questions—who, what, where, when, why and how.  Your card probably has your business name, contact information and possibly a slogan, motto or some saying suggesting what you do.

Your information kit on the other hand, answers all the questions.  It tells people who and where you are, just like your business card does.  But instead of one little line suggesting what you do, your information kit tells people exactly what you do.  How well it tells them what you do depends on how good your copywriting is.

The real secret is convincing people they can’t do without your product or service, remembering that along with a great description of your product or service, to consider your information kit from your clients’ perspective.  Everyone wants to know how what you do can benefit them.  How you can save them time or how you can save them money, or how you can make their life just a little bit easier.

One last word on presentation of your small business identity package.  It’s almost as important as what you say.  A professional image can go a long way in assuring potential clients your small business is the one they want to do business with.

You cannot compete with big companies without one, and you’ll be miles ahead of the small businesses that don’t have one.   And while we’re talking about professional image, imagine how your small business will be perceived when you have the ultimate in professional image– a matching corporate identity package, information kit and small business web site.

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Do Small Businesses Need Websites?

Do Small Businesses Need Websites?

In one word, yes! The internet is the most effective marketing tools in existance nowadays, have the capability of reaching far more people than any leaflet drop or advertisement in the local paper ever will.
Should you produce your own website?

It all depends on your skills, if you have the ability to produce a site that looks good, then go ahead, it will save you money and will work wonders as a marketing tool. However if your skills are limited or non-existant then we’d say no. Why? No, not because we want your money (although we don’t mind if you want to give it to us…), because if your site doesn’t have a professional look to it, then it is going to reflect badly on your company’s image.

Do you need to spend lots of money?

It really depends on the size of your website, if you’re looking simply get a presence on the internet, then you can easily get something for around £250 if you take the time to look, if you’re really getting into the idea of being online and effectively having your shop exist in cyberspace you’re going to be looking at more money, however even then, there are many self-build options such as Ekmpowershop.

What content do you need?

This all depends on what you want from being online, if you want to sell online, have your products online is going to be very useful! If you’re just looking to get your company online, then there are TWO elements that we believe are imperative:

Information about your company
How to contact you

Without these two no-one is going to know who or what you are, with the former being your chance to sell yourself. Remember when people look at websites, if its well designed they won’t know if they’re dealing with a multi-national company or a one person organisation, this is your chance to play alongside the big boys!!

What to do now?

So you’re convinced a website is the way to go? Excellent, this can only be of benefit to you! Now you’ve got to find a designer (there’s one right here!!!), things to keep in mind when looking is what kind of style are you looking for, find some websites that you like then find some designers and see if they can produce something along that line! If they can, you’re on the way to bringing into being what can be one of your best employees!

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Are you looking for a Home Based Business Opportunity? There many choices but for most people the best place to start is to build an affiliate marketing business. This type of business is easy to build and it takes very little start up capital.

An affiliate marketer is someone who earns a commission when someone they have referred to a website makes a purchase. When you sign up to become an affiliate you can also choose which products and services you want to promote. Once you choose some products to promote you will get a free website that will do all the selling for you.

Each affiliate will use the same style of website but each website will have a unique number in the address that will let the company know which affiliate has earned the commission. It’s a simple concept, deceptively simple.

Your biggest job as an affiliate is to get those visitors to your affiliate site. To do that you have many methods you can use. Eventually you’ll want to use several methods for driving traffic but you’re probably going to want to start by using one method, learn it inside and out and be making money before you move on to learn another method.

Some methods of driving traffic are more expensive and time consuming than others. Which method you choose to focus on will depend to a large degree on the amount of time you have to invest as well as how much money you can put towards your advertising costs.

That’s really about all there is to it: find a product to promote and learn to drive traffic to that website. Once you’ve got these basics down you can scale your efforts. You can start promoting many different products and use several different methods to drive traffic to those offers.

It’s at this point that the magic really starts to happen. This is where you can make more money than you may have ever thought possible. This is the point where all the hype you’ve heard starts to become true. It will take you some time to get to this point, but it can be done.

Exactly how long it will take you is up to you. I can’t tell you, no one can. If you have a lot of time and you pick up the concepts quickly you can be making serious money in a few months. If you’re only working your business on a part time basis it will take longer.

If you can avoid jumping from one thing to another and you’re willing to put in the time, and yes, the effort, you can replace your income in no time.

I personally think that the best work from home based business opportunity around is Plug In Profits. Affiliate marketing is just an easy way to jump in and start making some money. Invest the time and effort and allow your business to grow and you may be able to not only quit your job but also live the life you’ve really always wanted.

5 Ways To Make Social Media Work Harder For You

Like many online marketing tools, social media is only as useful as you allow it to be.  Just having social profiles isn’t enough.  You need make sure that they are being used their full potential.  Fortunately, there are a number of small things that you can do to significantly boost your results.  It all centers around optimizing your participation.  This doesn’t mean that you need to send a Tweet every 20 minutes, but rather it is about making sure that each action you take can provide results.  Here are 5 things that you can do make your social media efforts work harder for you.

1.Effective Targeting

One of the most important things that you can do to make your social media efforts more useful is implement some form of targeting.  For a small home based business, you might want to start off with geo-targeting.  If you are only providing services in your geographic area, then you don’t gain anything by marketing to someone across the country.  If you are working solely online, then you may want to target or segment your followers by their interest or how they got connected to your profile.  Someone who started following you from your blog is likely to be much more interested in text-based content and blog updates than someone who signed up after purchasing a product.

2.Use Tools to Organize Not Automate

In terms of online marketing, nothing is more powerful than the need to automate as much as possible.  This is especially true if you are a one-person team trying to do all of the creation and promotion of your products or websites.  The problem is that if there is one area where automation can hurt you more than help, it is social media.  It is impossible to automate all of your responses and still be actively engaged with your community.  There are a number of tools designed to organize and centralize all of your social networking profiles.  In many cases, the same general topics will be active, so cross-posting can save a lot of time without looking like it is all automated.


3.Start and End The Conversation

It may not seem like it, but starting a conversation is much easier than becoming active in other people’s conversations.  The easiest way to do this is to simply ask a question.  Not only is this a great way to gauge what your followers are looking for, but it also provides the appearance that you are actively engaging with them.  All you need to do is make an observation followed by a question.  For example, “The other day I read that XYZ… What do you think about it?”.  Then once the rate of answers starts to slow down (normally over a few days), you can make a summary statement that recaps the entire conversation.  Since you are starting and ending the conversation, you look like you were engaging with your audience the entire time.

4.Be Something

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to stand out.  This doesn’t mean that you have to be the flashiest person around, but you need to be something.  You could be funny, entertaining, a source of information, or just a bit sarcastic (which can be difficult when only communicating in text).  Whatever your plans are, just make sure that you be something.

5.Create a System

In the end, you need to have a system.  You can always tweak it as need be, but by having a system you have a blueprint for consistency.

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